Sanford Marketing

Marketing in Amarillo for Small Businesses


If you are interested to know about how much our services will cost you then these packages are a good idea on what services you can expect at about what price point. Our prices can change depending on the client, our schedule, and what services you are interested in. 

If you are a nonprofit, a business that is struggling, or you need a custom quote for any other reason, please message us as soon as possible and we can discuss individual pricing.


If you need an expert to come in to bring information and skills into your business, we are always happy to help. Our goal is to coach you or an employee and set up software and procedures, well enough to where you don’t need to call us back, ever. You will probably want to, though.

If you are a business struggling to get by with your current customer intake, please contact us IMMEDIATELY, so we can get started on this ASAP.

Marketing Analysis – $200

This 2-3 hour session analyzes your current marketing endeavors and demonstrates which ones are giving you the best return on investment. If your business doesn’t currently have any or many marketing efforts then it is still a great value as it prepares you for marketing yourself, teaching you how to analyze returns on investment and giving you strategies that will work for your business.

In Depth Marketing Review – $500

This service includes a full day with a consultant diving through your marketing strategies. Each of your current strategies will be analyzed, assessed, and deconstructed to where you know, exactly, which ones are giving you the best return. Once your current strategies are finished the consultant will start planning with you on additional techniques and avenues you can use to start growing your customer base. When the day is done you will have the knowledge and a plan in hand that will enable your company to properly strategize its marketing efforts over the next quarter and if properly updated, forever.

Third Party Consultation

If you ever need a marketing service from another company, then we are happy to help you make the best decision. From our internal knowledge of our competitors to being able to understand industry jargon, getting you the best possible service is something we can do better than you alone.

Sometimes you just need a name and other times you want us to handle the entire process of finding someone in order to give you the best return on investment. Whatever the case, just reach out and we will make sure you receive the second best care, obviously we are first.

Custom Marketing Consultation

If you need a consultation that doesn’t fit into one of the previous descriptions then please contact us so we can get you a custom quote.


What we love building, what you hate fixing, and what we like to think of as our best offer. We enjoy offering great value on websites that let businesses get them set up without having to pay a monthly fee for someone to see a green checkmark on their screen. Yes, that means all the prices you see are one time fees.

One Page Websites – $200

We generally recommend against this one. Like seriously, it is just a **single** page. One page. The basic details of your business plus some words that make it sound good. Pretty much no space for us to be innovative. I think the contents even get claustrophobia. But, if that low price tag will make you smile so much bigger than a nice and fleshed out website… then we will do it just for you.

Includes 1 year of hosting. Each year after is $30.

Five Page Website – $700

We usually give you six, but don’t tell anyone that.

This gives us enough room to get your website full of information about your business and start using some landing page strategies to try and improve conversion rates on your site. Basically, get more website visitors to make the leap to being customers. This is a great middle ground for smaller businesses that don’t really need an expensive website, but want something that looks good and pulls in extra customers.

Includes 2 years of hosting. Each year after is $50.

Custom Website

If you are looking at this option, you want BIG. Custom features, intricate layouts, etc. With this in mind, we can’t offer you a flat price. We want to know what you want, determine what will help you get customers, and develop a design for your website. Once we have that, we will determine a price on the project and go over it with you. As always, you can expect the same reasonable prices and a great product at the end.


Every advertising solution is different and heavily depends on the niche of the business, however the pricing for our work is consistent. We take the cost of the advertising solutions and add on an amount for the work we do. Usually this is presented to you as a total amount, but we are always happy to be transparent and present receipts.

Full Service Marketing Management

If you are tired of managing your social media, advertising, and any other marketing venues while ignoring parts of your business you do a ton better at operating, then we are here to help. We will work with you to come to a great arrangement for us both, where we are incentivized to increase your revenue and give you metrics to demonstration that.

On request we can give quotes for partial marketing management such as social media, advertising, recurring website updates, etc.

If you are ready to make your marketing easy, then please contact us.